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Online Courses

Master the art of aerial photography with these simple, effective and easy to follow online courses. Each one of these courses will teach you everything you need to know in order to get started with aerial cinematography. You'll gain an understanding of the production and post-production techniques unique and essential to aerial photography, as well as the essential skills for controlling a drone flight. Let's get started!

Conquer the Art of Aerial Photography

Original Price: $35

Special Price: only $15 


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Master the art of aerial photography with simple, effective and easy to follow tips.

What Will You Learn?

  • In just a few days, students after completing this course will know everything about Aerial Photography using any drone. This course covers concepts with real examples on how to fly and position your drone to the subject to capture the subject in the best possible angle. Once achieved, course teaches you how to extract, load and polish aerial photos using the best professional tools available in the industry. 
  • Students will also have learn basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom

DJI Phantom drones are used in this course, however, terminology is kept generic with the understanding that students who don't have Non-DJI Drones can also learn how to conquer aerial photography

Travel Aerial Photography & Video Masterclass

Original Price: $110

Special Price: only $15 

A full walk thru from setup, production, automation, post production plus travel filming behind the scenes.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn top tips for great Aerial photos
  • Learn how to make your first aerial video on the DJI app
  • Learn fundamentals and a checklist before your first flight
  • Learn specific camera filming techniques
  • Learn the essental of the DJI app including the flight simulator
  • Learn how to make your first video on the DJI App

Learn from my live flights with commentary